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Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is considered the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to knowing what is medically wrong with a patient according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

What is Functional Pulse Diagnosis?

Simply put, it is the interpretation of the blood flow in the radial artery on the wrists. In the hands of an expert practitioner, the pulse can reveal physiological problems such as arthritis, anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic and acute pain, sinus infections, digestive problems, hormonal problems, menstrual problems, and etc. Different sections of the pulse correspond to different parts of the body. So we are interpreting the blood circulation to different parts of the body and different organ systems in the body.

Unfortunately this method is a lost art with very few practitioners in the world competent in its immense subtlety. Probably the world’s foremost living master of Functional Pulse Diagnosis, Dr. Zhang Wei-Yin, personally trained Jimmy Yen in this lost art for many years.

At Achieve Integrative Health we have dedicated ourselves in mastering this method of Functional Pulse Diagnosis and use this method daily in our treatment protocol.

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715 Discovery Boulevard #412a

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