Acupuncture Can Help Multiple Sclerosis at Achieve Integrated Health

Acupuncture Can Help Multiple Sclerosis at Achieve Integrated Health

Acupuncture Can Help Multiple Sclerosis at Achieve Integrated Health

Signs that you may have Multiple Sclerosis, how can Acupuncture help at Achieve Integrative Health?

Are you suddenly experiencing symptoms without any reason why? Uncommon symptoms such as numb legs on a random day? If it comes alongside any other unusual symptoms, you could check yourself out for Multiple Sclerosis.

In multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease, the body attacks its own cells. Multiple sclerosis happens on the myelin sheaths surrounding the brain and the spinal cord.

The protective layer-- myelin sheaths are damaged, leaving the nerve fibers exposed. When this happens, functions with the damaged nerves will be interrupted. And that is when you’ll start experiencing symptoms.

Multiple sclerosis happens only to less than 1% of the population. But it is a tricky condition, and it could be easily mistaken for any other disease. Its symptoms mimic other illnesses. But what really are the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?


What are the symptoms?

The symptoms do not always occur the same way for everyone because the symptoms depend on what nerves were damaged.

These symptoms do not show as you were born. They develop over time, and Multiple Sclerosis usually shows signs in ages 20-40 years old.

The most common symptoms experienced affect movement, vision, and even mental health. These symptoms are:


Movement and muscle issues

One of the symptoms you should not ignore is difficulty in walking. MS affects the muscles in the limbs or feet, causing them to feel numb.

It can also come along with these other symptoms:

  •   Weakening of muscles
  •   Stiffness, being unable to move the muscles
  •   Loss of balance
  •   Dizziness


  •  Tingling or uncomfortable electrical sensation in the limbs



The most common symptom that people diagnosed with MS is fatigue. This kind of fatigue makes it hard for them to complete daily tasks. It comes along with clumsiness that also is a by-product of other symptoms.


Vision problems

One of the most occurring symptoms among individuals with MS is having vision problems.

MS usually affects one eye at a time-- optic neuritis. Other symptoms include:

  • Optic neuritis, inflammation of an eye which can cause temporary loss of vision. It can last a week, the longest.
  •  Involuntary movements of the eye
  •  Eye pain gets worse while moving the eye.
  •  Double vision that could also cause blurry vision


Cognitive problems

It is also expected that MS affects cognitive functions and interferes with mental health. But the symptoms still depend on the severity of multiple sclerosis.

People with MS could experience:

  • Inability to remember and comprehend new activities or ideas
  • Short attention span
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Struggle in expressing their thoughts
  • Difficulty in reasoning
  • Slowed thinking process
  • Problems with comprehension of visual information
  • Tends to be struggling in carrying out tasks they want to do


Mental health issues

People with MS tend to experience mental health problems. Whether it is an effect of MS is still unknown. But it is reported that in many cases of people with MS, they experience either of these:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Severe mood swings, for some rare cases


Bowel problems

Bowel problems are pretty much common. However, alongside the other symptoms, it can also indicate MS. But it cannot be considered solely for diagnosing MS.

  • Constipation
  • Bowel incontinence, the inability of controlling the release of the bowel.


Sexual Problems

For unknown reasons, MS affects the sexual functions of a person.

For men, it is the difficulty in ejaculation and erection. For women, it is the difficulty with regards to their orgasm.

All in all, it makes people with MS less interested in sex.


Bladder problems

There are many other indications for bladder problems. But with people having MS, they are pretty standard. They could experience:

  • Increased urge to pee
  • Struggle to control the release of pee
  • Frequent urge to pee, even at night
  • UTIs
  • Feeling of being unable to actually empty the bladder


Other problems

  • Slurred speech
  • Difficulty in swallowing, at times.
  • Problems with sleep
  • Pain in the neck down to the hips where the MS is concentrated. This pain can also be chronic.


When should you get tested?

You should get tested upon the occurrence of early symptoms.

As you experience these early symptoms, you may not actually take a deal out of it. But once they become recurrent, you should not ignore them and take them lightly.

It is usual for these symptoms to go on and off from time to time. Go to your doctor once you experience these:

  • Numb feeling on muscles, especially on the limbs. It can also occur on the side of your face.
  • Tingling sensations, or pins-and-needle feeling on your muscles randomly.
  • Weak legs and sudden struggle with balance.
  • Problems with vision, such as partial vision loss, blurry vision, and double vision.


Experiencing these symptoms does not conclude that you can immediately be diagnosed with MS. These symptoms also occur in other diseases. Thus, early consultation is advised to get the actual diagnosis.


Uncommon symptoms of the MS

There are still other symptoms aside from the previously mentioned ones. On top of them all, a person with MS can also experience these during attacks or relapse:

  • Temporary loss of hearing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Tremor or shaking of the limbs
  • Sudden loss of taste
  • Seizures


Can MS be cured?

Since MS is an autoimmune disease, there is no cure for this. However, there are treatments that your doctor can prescribe to alleviate the symptoms. These treatments will help you live a normal everyday life, despite the threat of MS.

MS has different types. Thus, this also requires different approaches in treatments.

These treatments can either be one of the following:

  • Self-injectable DMTs (Disease-modifying therapies)
  • Oral medication
  • Infusion treatments
  • Acupuncture


How can Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture is a natural therapy concerning many different body problems. It is also well-known as an effective remedy to various body pains. In which most of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis are focused on.

Acupuncture at Achieve Integrative Health in Cedar Park is one of the best choices you can ever make when dealing with MS. The process of Acupuncture stimulates more of your bodily functions. Meaning that Acupuncture helps your body fight the problems on its own.

As your body naturally releases hormones and functions on its own, it makes you even healthier. Sometimes, the lesser chemicals you inject into your body are actually a helpful thing you can do for yourself.

Achieve Integrative Health in Cedar Park’s Acupuncture also effectively helps with depression and anxiety. It is good to know that you do not actually need to intake different pills to solve your problems.



Having an MS will be a life-long battle. But it could not be as hard as it seems because treatments are already made available. Everything still depends on the severity of your MS.

Most people with MS still live a normal life, as there are few relapses and attacks. You do not really need to worry much about it if you keep a healthy and active life. MS is a manageable disease, after all.

Acupuncture at Achieve Integrative Health in Cedar Park is one of the best choices to help alleviate your symptoms. A healthy lifestyle is good management of MS, making your life easier. But if put together with Acupuncture, you will even have a better experience.

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