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An Infrared thermal scan (or thermography/thermal imaging) is a non-invasive, uses no radiation, a procedure that detects, records, and produces a careful analysis and image of skin surface temperature patterns (body heat) as a reflection of normal or abnormal human physiology. In simplest terms, thermography means “Picture of Heat”, therefore thermography detects inflammation in Cedar Park.

What does the Thermal Images show us in Cedar Park?

X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs are all tests of anatomy that look for problems with the structure of the body. In contrast, thermography is unique in its capacity to show physiological changes and metabolic processes in the body. The infrared thermal images show us heat patterns, thermal imbalances, and INFLAMMATION caused by circulation problems in the body. Because acupuncture addresses blood circulation and reduces inflammation, we use infrared thermal imaging to help us monitor your treatment progress.

What does Thermal Images NOT show us?

Infrared thermal imaging is not used to show structural problems in the body, it is NOT used to diagnose diseases, and it does not detect all inflammation in the body.

How To Prepare For Your Infrared Thermal Scan?

  • 1 Week Prior:  Avoid tanning and/or sunburn
  • 24 Hours Prior:  Avoid physical therapy, massage, acupuncture adjustments, steam rooms, saunas, hot or cold packs; if you have a fever, you will need to reschedule
  • Exam Day:  Do not shave or use any hair removal products; do not use any deodorant, cream or lotion; do not wear compression, tight-fitting clothing
  • 2 Hours Prior:  Discontinue use of tobacco, caffeine, hot/cold liquids, chewing gum, mints, bathing, and showering.

What to expect during your Infrared Thermal Scan?

Our office offers Complete Privacy during your thermal scan. First, you’ll be given a gown and asked to remove any clothing covering the area that is to be scanned.

While in your gown, you will be required to sit in the exam room for 10-15 min to acclimate your body to the temperature in the room. During the imaging, there will be no contact with your body, no injections, no radiation, or fluids to consume. You will be in a comfortably cool, private room, behind a curtain. The camera will be positioned from 4-7 feet away from you as you turn to change to the required positions.

(If we are scanning your low back/pelvis, or full body please note the following. The most accurate imaging will be obtained in the absence of underwear/panties. Any clothing in the area being scanned will not only block the image under clothing, it likely will alter the accuracy of other related images. If you are uncomfortable with this then men should wear a jockstrap and women should wear thong underwear. Image quality will be compromised but this is an option.)

Second, you’ll be positioned in front of a digital infrared camera while images will be taken for about 5-10 minutes. These thermal images will be your Baseline Thermal Scan.

Finally, we will compare future thermal scans with your baseline thermal scan to monitor your treatment progress.

(Note: Thermography is not a stand-alone diagnostic device and does not replace any other diagnostic device or examination, and is therefore used as an adjunctive screening tool with other such devices and examination)


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