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A mechanical wave enhances gravity. We have gravity that pushes us from the top, it jams us into the earth and we have ground reaction force. Whole Body Vibration in Cedar Park if properly mechanically designed, like the VibePlate, gives us vertical hits of the same kind of thing from the bottom up. Therefore, if we are caught in the middle, which the body is between gravity and the whole body vibration plate we also realize the benefits we are getting from a load of gravity, from the ability of the gravity to stimulate our bones, stimulate our muscles, stimulate our nerves, becomes very, very powerful. And if we can enhance that very quickly, very rhythmically, that is good.

Vibration Movement in Cedar Park

VibePlate’s vibration motion is vertical. VibePlate is designed in a way that all it reproduces is vertical vibration. VibePlate is a stable, stationary vibration platform. There is no wobble, no side to side movement, no circular motion. Those movements are not the real world, they are not real physics. Medical professionals say, because of gravity, vertical motion on a stable platform is.

Therefore it does not create stress, unlike other whole-body vibration platforms. Simply it provides micro hits of gravity that enhance the gravity that is already there in order to create the clinical and training compression that we need to excite our nerves, to mobilize joints, and to strengthen our muscles to enhance our function.

VibePlate Design

As you can see the VibePlate, the original “Plate”, has a unique design. It allows you to progress through multiple functional foundational movements. You can build upon those functional foundational movements. You can take advantage of the many therapeutic and training and conditioning tools that are available to enhance what the vibration plate is doing from the bottom up.

You then can transform those functional foundational movements that are now enhanced into the movements of sports specific, activity-specific, and therapy-specific, what we would call skill exercise and activities. The whole goal is that when we get off the VibePlate we are better. VibePlate also compliments functional tools.

If you have these conditions, consult with your doctor before using any whole-body vibration machine. Are pregnant, have cardiovascular disease, pacemaker, hip or knee replacement, diabetes, epilepsy, tumors, migraines, acute hernia, recently replaced pins or plates, recent infections, or recent surgeries.



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