Acupuncture Testimonials

"I would like to express my gratitude to Jimmy. A simple thank you does not seem enough for giving someone hope back in their life. When I first came in for a comprehensive health assessment, I was in constant pain. I have had arthritis in my fingers for about 8 years.

I had never tried Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was a little skeptical. By my 3rd treatment, I could begin to see results. Today I am totally pain-free. I had forgotten how that felt! I would encourage anyone considering Traditional Chinese Medicine to have an open mind and try it."

- S. Shelton

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park TX Back Pain Testimonial"I had not seen a movie in a theater for over a year. I know it sounds crazy but you can’t imagine what it's like to have some of the simplest pleasures in life taken away from you unless you’ve experienced a pinched nerve or suffered from lower back pain. It’s miserable. Just sitting in a chair for an extended period of time was a painful experience. I soon made up my mind to try acupuncture as a last resort and see for myself if there was any validity to it. What did I have to lose? It costs less than most prescriptions and there is no pain involved so I thought why not try it and see what happens. All I had to lose was the pain and that was certainly worth the little effort it took.

So my journey into acupuncture began with Dr. Jimmy Yen and was prompted by a wonderful little pinched nerve in my lower lumbar region which no amount of acupuncture treatment was able to release. After my first session, I was quite happily surprised to feel some reduction in the amount of pain I had been suffering and I started to believe for the first time in a long time that I might be possible to live without this constant discomfort.

Every subsequent visit proved even more successful. Soon for the first time in over a year, I was able to sit at my desk and work comfortably. Driving a car, for so long a nightmare for me, was now the pleasure it had always been. Gradually, as my treatments continued, a wonderful side effect became evident; I started to feel a renewed sense of energy as though my whole body was functioning and performing on a much higher level. It is difficult to really describe it, I just felt better all over.

Quite a contrast to the normal litany of side effects that come with taking prescription medications, you know the ones that read ‘may cause dizziness, heartburn, headaches, abdominal pain, death, etc’ The pain was gone and I felt better than I had in years. I realized very quickly that instead of thinking of acupuncture as a last resort I could have saved myself a great deal of time, money and frustration if I had just walked into Dr. Yen’s office the very first day I started to fell the pain and I would be well on my way to recovery.

Now I know and from now on I will recommend acupuncture as on the best and most effective ways to deal with the pain that I am aware of. And, oh yeah, I did finally get to see that long-awaited movie and I am happy to report that I watched it all the way through without any discomfort. It was a really great experience and a long time coming but the movie, I am sorry to say, was terrible. Hey, maybe Dr. Yen has some suggestions about a really good movie I can see. He’s been right about everything else!"

- Joel C.

"I came to see Jimmy because I had some chronic problems for almost 10 years. I had seen multiple doctors for stomach pain, lower back pain, and generally low energy. At one point I thought it was depression. Aside from an acupuncturist who said that he did not know what else to do, all of the other doctors never asked too many questions or spent any time trying to get to the cause of my problems.

They simply prescribed various drugs on a ‘trial & error’ basis. I think they were well-meaning professionals who are simply put in a bad situation by HMO’s and enticed by drug companies to prescribe as much as possible. The drugs only masked my problems and minimally relieved my discomfort.

Jimmy is the only healthcare professional that required me to sit down with him for an hour and really get an in-depth sense of what was going on with me. He covered everything from diet to sleep to exercise, to stress and emotional being. He took his time over several visits to research and come up with a comprehensive plan.

This was hard as I, like most people, are conditioned to expect instant results. Within a few weeks, my back pain improved dramatically. I turned my diet around and realized that I no longer had to take allergy medicine! I not only felt better and had more energy, but several friends noticed that I looked better and seemed more energetic and ‘perky’.

I am now much more sensitive to how my actions affect my well being. If I slip on the way I eat or skip exercise, I notice almost instantly. After this experience, I have learned how much of an impact my lifestyle affects my health and well being. If I behave responsibly, my body will respond positively. I truly believe that natural healing, including Chinese medicine and acupuncture, is a better way to find the root of health problems and their solutions, than simply covering them up with drugs."

- Craig M.

"My name is Leighsa Bailey and I suffered from lower back pain from years of weight lifting and lack of stretching. For 8 years I have sought acupuncture treatments when I felt out of alignment. In December of 2006, I strained my while at the gym and immediate inflammation occurred causing me a great amount of pain and immobility. Being new to Austin I “googled” for an acupuncturist, but somehow I ended up on Jimmy Yen’s acupuncture website.

I had my first treatment within 2 days of my strain and the only regret I had was that I didn’t do it 2 days earlier. Not only immediate results, reduced swelling, less stiffness but my attitude began to change, too. I’m not sure of anyone else but the pain is depressing for me. Jimmy Yen not only was my “silver lining”, but he also gave me knowledge.

He educated me on the source of why I had reoccurring back pain and sent me home with a customized herbal concoction to encourage the healing process. He discussed my nutritional needs and gave me a list of foods that would benefit me. He even went beyond the call of duty and gave me some of his favorite recipes. Jimmy is patient, extremely thorough, informative, and has a passion for his work. Great things happened to me!"

- Leighsa B.

"My condition began with numbness and pain in my fingers. I saw my doctor, who diagnosed it as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. She prescribed splints and hand exercises. She also prescribed a muscle relaxant that made me so dizzy that I discontinued it. My condition worsened, and I also began to get pain in my knees, experienced extreme fatigue, and ran a low-grade fever most days. My digestive system also went haywire.

In desperation, after 6 months of this, I turned to acupuncture with Jimmy Yen. Jimmy took a holistic approach using acupuncture plus a variety of healing methods. After only 6 weeks I began to feel healthier again.

I am extremely grateful to Jimmy for getting me to the point where I am now PAIN-FREE and feel energetic again. I am sold on acupuncture and would enthusiastically recommend Jimmy to others."

- Esther F.

"I moved to the Cedar Park area in 2007 from Kansas and had not been taking very good care of my health for a couple of years prior to the move. I have struggled with diabetes for many years and have had limited success with prescription medications. My greatest success came from an herbalist in my area. I was medication free for 2 years while I was in the care of the herbalist. My blood sugar was under control but my blood pressure was up and down.

I had a constant backache in the area of my right kidney. I quit visiting the herbalist in 2005. I slowly quit taking good care of myself after that. By the time I moved to Texas, I was struggling again with blood sugar issues and found a great primary care physician in Cedar Park who helped me lower the blood sugar and blood pressure. They were both dangerously high. He immediately put me on medications to lower the blood sugar and blood pressure. This no doubt saved me but I do not want to be on medications for the rest of my life.

When I came to Jimmy I was on Metformin for the blood sugar, Diovan for high blood pressure, and had started insulin treatment as well. The insulin was new to me and the fact that I needed it showed my health was deteriorating. I truly hated the needle sticks. I was way over my mental and physical tolerance for medications. I have always tried to use natural methods to cure a problem rather than continue to treat the symptoms of the problem.

Prescription medications tend to create a different set of problems with their side effects. I was constantly tired. I had back pain related to kidney damage from diabetes. I had headaches, hot flashes, and insomnia. I was a mess! Jimmy and my primary health care provider have worked in concert to cure the problems rather than treat just the symptoms and we have had great success!

Through a program of acupuncture, diet changes, exercise, and Chinese herbal treatment, we have been able to lower my blood sugar to the point that I’m off of the insulin entirely! No more needle sticks! We have lowered my blood pressure enough that my PCP has lowered my dose of Diovan. The Metformin is the next on our list of things to cut down and eventually cut out!

My energy level improved immediately after my first acupuncture treatment. After the third treatment, I was sleeping through the night again. My back pain is gone, hot flashes are rare and my outlook on life improves as my health improves each week. Each visit with Jimmy he works with my own body’s energy flow to get it into balance. The Chinese herbs are also adjusted each visit according to my body’s needs at the time.

With Chinese medicine, you treat each person as an individual and not rely on a broad-spectrum treatment that might help some but is not individualized. I would recommend Jimmy and Achieve Integrative Health to anyone who is seeking optimum health with a more natural and individualized approach."

- Renee B.

"I came to Jimmy Yen to seek treatment for fatigue and stress. I had been experiencing severe fatigue for 1 month. I went to my family physician who performed various blood tests. The tests revealed no abnormalities and my family physician told me that there was nothing “medically” wrong with me. Therefore, there was no medical treatment available to me.

A friend of mine referred me to Jimmy Yen. I received both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After 12 sessions, I got my energy back. When allergy season approaches I will definitely return to Jimmy for another consultation, instead of using allergy medications. My family physician also supported the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs."

- J. H.

"In April of 2004, I was diagnosed with anemia and vertigo. In July 2004, I fractured my right fibula and on the same day, I experienced a bout of pleurisy. In October 2004, tingling and numbness began to occur in my right leg. I first thought it was due to my fractured fibula. Within a week, the tingling and numbness had moved to my other leg, my hands, and my arms.

At that point, my family physician ran a number of tests with all results coming back “normal.” I then went to a neurologist who, over a period of 2-3 months, ran a variety of tests, made a diagnosis of “nerve pain” and put me on a medication that increased my symptoms, caused me to gain 15 pounds, and decreased my energy level to virtually “non-existent”.

I was then told that she had done all the tests that she knew to give me and she wasn’t sure what else to do. Out of sheer frustration, I took myself off the medication, notified the neurologist that I was doing so, and canceled my next scheduled appointment. At that point, I wasn’t sure what to do next to help my situation. Fortunately, a teacher, with whom I used to teach, came by the school where I work. I asked her if acupuncture could help with the tingling in my feet and hands. She immediately referred me to Jimmy Yen, L. Ac. for a consultation.

When I went for the consultation, I was a little skeptical but desperate! I was not ready to accept that I had “nerve pain” and was just going to have to live with it. I was also a little nervous because I had basically convinced myself that I was “overly tired and stressed” and that what was “wrong” with me must be “in my head”. Within 5 minutes of sitting down with Jimmy, I began to relax.

The whole time I was talking, he was intently listening and affirming that my symptoms were real and that there were explainable reasons why I was experiencing numbness, tingling, cold sensations, moodiness, foggy-headedness, exhaustion, etc. After spending about an hour with them, I felt that “acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine” were worth trying - after all, I really didn’t have anything to lose!

I committed to the initial 12 visits and honestly, after 1 visit, I was hooked! I walked out of their office with energy, a “clear head”, and a relaxed feeling that I couldn’t remember having in months. As I faithfully continued the acupuncture and herbal treatments, Jimmy gradually moved me in the direction of an improved diet, the deletion (or at least in moderation) of drinking cold liquids, frequent exercise, and a goal of “not getting stressed.”

Over a period of 3-4 weeks, I began to feel like a different person! By the end of the projected 12 sessions of acupuncture, the tingling and numbness were virtually non-existent. After the total recommended 24 sessions, they were completely gone, my energy level was tremendously improved, and the weighted-down, foggy-headed feeling that I had been experiencing for a very long time had disappeared. Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

People who know me well would describe me as a very conservative, traditional-minded person. Many were surprised that I would even consider acupuncture & Chinese herbs for the treatment of my symptoms. In fact, I even surprised myself. I now know that my fellow teacher walking into the school office on the day after I had stopped taking the medicine prescribed by the neurologist was a Godsend.

I was truly at a point of despair with seemingly no options. I am now a firm believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine and will sing praises for all that Jimmy has done for me to anyone who will listen. I really do believe that he (and TCM) saved my life and I will continue to consult with him when I am sick to see if there is something by way of Traditional Chinese Medicine that can be done to treat my symptoms!

Thank you for the difference that you have made in my life… I’m much better physically, mentally, and emotionally because of you. I look forward to a continued relationship for years to come!"

- Rhonda W.

Wellness Cedar Park Patient Testimonial"I first made an appointment to see Jimmy after being diagnoses with Graves’ Disease - an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. I refused traditional treatment, as it involved radiation and started researching alternative treatments and found acupuncture had been very successful in the past. I had only been diagnosed with Graves’ a few months when I first went to see Jimmy.

My doctor had me on medicine which was making my muscles ache. After going to see Jimmy for treatments and backed by proof through blood tests, I was able to back off the medicine and after switching doctors, I am happy to report that I AM OFF ALL MEDICATIONS COMPLETELY and in fact do not have Graves’ Disease after all. Thanks to Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my thyroid levels are completely normal and I feel so much better than I have in years!"

- Anne B.

"I came to Jimmy Yen with jaw and head pain. I had been experiencing this pain since giving birth to my 2 sons over 5 years before. Every year the pain seemed to get worse. By the time I found Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the pain was severe and on a daily basis.

When my jaw and head pain began I mistook it for sinus problems because I was having congestion problems. I saw an allergist and did allergy testing. The test came back with no known allergies. Then I had a CAT scan of my sinuses which also came back normal. The allergist prescribed some nasal sprays and a congestion medicine that inevitably did nothing but make me feel jittery and thirsty. When I started to realize that I was clinching at night and during the day I spoke to my dentist. I tried a plastic bite guard but had no improvement.

During my first visit with Jimmy, I answered many questions concerning every part of my body. I had no idea that every part of my body has an influence on my overall health (although it makes logical sense) one area affecting the other. Jimmy taught me that other health issues (constipation, excessive thirst, congestion, and trouble sleeping) were all part of my jaw and head pain.

He treated my whole body. I used acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help all these areas. The acupuncture was amazing! I felt so relaxed during the sessions. I looked forward to my visits every time. The Chinese herbs made a huge difference. My sleeping problems went completely away after the 1st day of herbs. I have been sleeping wonderfully ever since.

My thirst, congestion, constipation, jaw, and head pain are all completely improved. I am now more aware of what I can do when/if any of these symptoms occur again. I was sad when my last appointment ended but I now have the tools to help myself and can always return for Jimmy’s help as needed."

- Pamela B.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Hip Pain Testimonial"I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW. I DID NOT EXPECT SUCH PAIN RELIEF. 2 years ago I had a car accident, my right hip was impacted with the collision, my doctors prescribed several pain killers, but they made me so sick that I could not work. Later a doctor recommended that I try acupuncture for my chronic pain, and I did; however the effects lasted only a few hours, and then the agony came back.

I moved to Cedar Park and decided to give acupuncture a second try. I met Jimmy Yen at his clinic. He explained to me the process of how he was going to help me eliminate my pain. He started off by customizing a treatment plan specifically for me. I very much enjoyed his professionalism. The treatment plan combined Chinese herbal medicine along with acupuncture. This combination was a success. Today I am PAIN-FREE and more active than I have been in 2 years. I’m actually planning on going back to my yoga sessions. Thank you Jimmy for all your help!"

- Dr. Carmen B.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park IBS Testimonial"Reading an ad to Achieve Integrative Health, I made my first appointment on October 17, 2007. I had been suffering from anxiety and IBS for more than 15 years.

I began a twice-weekly regimen of acupuncture and made changes to my diet and started a modest exercise program. My anxiety and my IBS are almost non-existent. Also, I have a loss of an average of 15lbs since starting my treatments.

I will be 62 years old in June of 2008. I have never felt better and I’ve never been happier. Thank you."

- Jim B.

"I came to Jimmy Yen to seek treatments for Kidney Stones. It all started one day at work when suddenly I felt a sharp pain radiating from my lower back to my side. The pain was so severe that I was not able to stand up straight. I was barely able to drive home. That day, I checked into the ER. After taking some X-rays, blood tests, and urine tests, they found 3 Kidney stones, inflammation in my left ureter, and elevated white blood cell count.

I was given hydrocodone for the pain, told to drink lots of fluids and to wait for the stones to pass. Because my left ureter was inflamed, I was told that passing the other stones may be quite painful. I went home and took 1 dose of hydrocodone. The physician was right, I felt no pain at all. In fact, I felt like a zombie. I couldn’t think straight and function with the drug in my system. It was like “picking your poison”. I could be pain-free and feel like a zombie, or I could be normal and have intense pain. I refused to believe that those were my only 2 options. That is the reason why I came to Jimmy to seek treatments.

During my consultation with Jimmy, I asked him if he had any experience in treating Kidney stones. He told me that he had not treated any patients with Kidney stones before; however, he knew how to treat Kidney stones. He informed me that he had a vast array of knowledge and was very capable of treating various disorders despite not having the clinical experience in treating those disorders. Western medicine did not really give me a plausible solution, and that’s why I decided to give Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jimmy a try.

Jimmy utilized both acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat my Kidney stones. I was ecstatic at how efficient and effective his treatments were. After only 8 treatments, I went back to my urologist to run some more blood and urine tests and X-rays. My urologist told me that 2 of the stones had already passed, the inflammation in my left ureter was gone and my white blood cell count was back to normal.

My urologist was surprised at how fast I recovered. She asked me if I had experienced any pain in passing the stones. I told her that the only time I felt pain was the very first time I had the pain. I told her that I had been receiving acupuncture & Chinese herb treatments with Jimmy Yen. The expression on the urologist’s face said it all. Acupuncture really works!

I want to personally thank Jimmy for giving me back my health. I would also highly recommend seeking acupuncture treatments with him. If a health care issue ever presents itself again, I will definitely not hesitate to call Jimmy and would urge anyone else that may be skeptical to do the same."

- Y. C.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Leg Pain Testimonial"I had been experiencing foot (self-diagnosed: plantar fasciitis) and leg pain for about six months. The pain continued to get progressively worse till all I could do was come home every day after work and sit with my legs propped up until bedtime to ease the pain (with massive doses of ibuprofen) enough to be able to sleep comfortably. The next day I would repeat the cycle all over again.

I had researched the Conventional Medical treatments for plantar fasciitis: steroid shots, stronger pain meds, etc. I knew the quality of my life would get much worse with this treatment before it got better if it ever did. I had become interested in Alternative Medical treatments and wondered if they were an option. I met Jimmy at a Craft and Business Fair in March.

Acupuncture intrigued me, and a more holistic approach, using less chemical intervention was certainly worth a try. I figured up the cost of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) treatments versus what I would spend on a deductible and co-pays using Conventional Medicine and it came out fairly even.

After two weeks, the pain in my legs had diminished significantly. After the first month, I could go home after work and enjoy my family, not the recliner. I took little to no ibuprofen and my liver was grateful. Recently, I was able to go on a 3-hour hike in the mountains of Colorado without any pain.

Jimmy also incorporates diet, exercise, and herbs into the TCM approach to healing. Following his advice, I have been able to lose approximately 25 pounds.

I believe I’m working toward better health and quality of life because of the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) experience. I would use TCM again if needed and definitely recommend it to all my friends and family."

Update: 10/11/08, is still pain-free and has lost 40lbs.

- Roxanne S.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Leg Pain Testimonial"When I began acupuncture treatment in December 2007, I had high hopes of complete healing. For several years I have had lower back pain and hip pain. It was painful to walk very far, and I had trouble sleeping. Treatments tried; various prescription and OTC medicines - with no lasting effects.

Mr. Yen began with an evaluation, that consisted of several questions regarding my health; any pain I was having, medications; overall well-being.

I started with 3 treatments a week. I felt better for a day or two after each treatment. I am now on a quarterly plan, and I am feeling so much better. I started exercising and walking more. My quality of life has improved beyond my expectations.

I will continue my treatments and be sure I keep following Mr. Yen’s suggestions about diet and exercise. Thank you so much, Mr. Jimmy. I feel better than I have in several years."

- Linda K.

"I had been experiencing right leg pain for 3 months. My family physician took X-rays and found no abnormalities. She could not find the root cause of my leg pain. She referred me to an acupuncturist for treatments. This acupuncturist was originally a neurosurgeon in China. The treatments were quite uncomfortable and after a few weeks of treatments, my pain actually got worse. I was feeling helpless and constantly prayed to God for help. God answered my prayer, by bringing me to a fellow Christian at my church, Mr. Jimmy.

Mr. Jimmy informed me that the root cause of my leg pain was a weak constitution. I did not realize that I had overworked my body for the past year and it finally caught up with me. He explained that rebuilding and strengthening my body would require an extended period of time. Receiving treatments from Jimmy, was a totally different experience. His technique was very gentle and soothing. After each treatment, my pain was reduced by at least 50%.

My leg pain is completely gone now. I know that as long as I follow the dietary and exercise recommendations provided by Jimmy that I will continue to be pain-free and healthy. Jimmy definitely has a vast array of knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I would definitely recommend him to everybody."

- A. T.

"I have a disorder called lymph node hyperplasia that causes swelling and pain around my left ear and face and neck. I have had this problem for over 7 years and already have one surgery. Having come in contact with others who have had numerous surgeries and even radiation to treat this condition, I was eager to find something else for relief.

At the advice of a retired surgeon, I decided to try acupuncture. My condition is greatly improved. When I started with Jimmy, the swelling and pressure were so severe that it hurt to wear glasses or sunglasses for more than 30 minutes at a time. I also wear contact but knew that solely relying on them would damage my eyes. After 8 months of intensive treatments, I can now wear my glasses for several days in a row. I also do not feel as much pressure in this general area.

I am extremely glad I came to Jimmy’s office! I could feel the effects of the treatments within a few days and it was neat to see the improvements each month. I am now under a once-a-month treatment plan. I will gladly set aside an hour a month to prevent another surgery from which it took me 2 weeks to recover."

- S. Y.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Migraines & Headaches Testimonial"I’ve been suffering from migraines all my life. I’ve always taken medication (4-5 Ibuprofen per day) for it but was tired of doing so and seeing that I continued to have the migraines.

I started seeing Mr. Yen about 3 months ago when my headaches had become unbearable and right away I noticed my headaches were occurring less frequently. Now, at the end of my treatments, I can happily say that I have not had a migraine for weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments, which I found to be very relaxing, and Mr. Yen’s care who is a very kind and gracious person.

Thank you for all your help. It was a pleasure meeting and being treated by you."

The patient came from Spain to visit his grandchildren. He had tried acupuncture in Spain which provided some relief. Coming to the US, his migraines intensified to the point he was having one every day. After receiving acupuncture treatments here at Achieve Integrative Health he is now medication free and migraine free.

- Jose G.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Migraines & Headaches Testimonial"My name is Linda Hernandez and I first came to see Jimmy Yen for acupuncture in Feb 2008 for relief of cluster headaches occurring in my left temple. I had received acupuncture in the past for various problems ranging from headaches, knee aches, and sports injuries all with good results.

I have been very pleased with the care I have received. The initial evaluation was thorough and informative. The treatment plan was clearly laid out and the treatments themselves were thoroughly relaxing and provided relief from my symptoms.

I would highly recommend Achieve Integrative Health and Herbal Clinic!"

- Linda D.H.

"I came to Jimmy Yen to seek treatments for severe migraines & PMS (bloating, severe cramping, heavy periods) I’ve had these migraines on and off for many years. They often occur several times a week. I’ve tried Imitrex and several other drug-related therapies which provided short-lived relief. I had exhausted all options provided by conventional medicine with no success in ending my migraines. I felt like nothing could be done and it was something I just had to live with.

However, one day hope arrived. My yoga instructor recommended that I go visit acupuncturist Jimmy Yen and that he may be able to help me. The rest is history. After receiving acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I now have very few mild migraines, less cramping & bloating, easier periods, and a lot more energy. I was very impressed by Jimmy and my only regret is that I wish I had come in earlier."

- Jacky F.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Sciatica Testimonial"When I contacted Mr. Yen, I was seeking pain relief for an injury I received from a fall several years previously. After my fall, I had X-rays and was informed I had no fractures. I was prescribed pain medication and exercise routines. My pain was resulting from my sciatic nerve and arthritis, also other spinal problems. I did not like taking pain medication, which only masked the pain.

I asked a medical doctor to advise me about other treatments and was advised to consult with Mr. Yen. I made a consultation appointment with Mr. Yen. After he reviewed my case, he informed me he could not cure my problems completely but could lessen my pain. After following his advice, acupuncture & herbal supplements, I Can say I am much improved. I am once again able to be physically active, working outdoors and walking, pain-FREE most of the time.

Mr. Yen has definitely improved my quality of life. The treatments were pain-free and relaxing. I am convinced acupuncture was the form of treatment for my problems.

Thank you Mr. Yen for your guidance and dedication."

Update: 11/20/08, can still walk pain-free even while holding a heavy purse.

- Ruth W.

"About mid-May 2008, while fishing I fell and injured my left shoulder, arm, and hand. A few days later I consulted my family physician for treatment of my injury, tingling, and burning pain. I was referred to a rehab center - physical therapy for treatment. The exercises, massage, and hot packs relieved my pain for hours, greatly helped my shoulder pain but did little for my arm and hand pain. I consulted John Tuggle at Wellness & Better Health Acupuncture and began Chiro adjustments and treatments. I was getting PT in the AM and Chiro care in the PM, same days.

After each treatment, I felt better but the pain lingered on. I still had some nagging arm & hand pain, so I decided to consult Jimmy Yen at Achieve Integrative Health Clinic since he had successfully treated my wife, Ruth West, for a back and hip problem in 2007, practically cured her, in my opinion. After about half a dozen treatments by Jimmy Yen, I felt much better, with almost no pain in my arm and hand.

Unfortunately, I went golfing and reinjured my shoulder, causing the pain to return almost as bad as before. After a couple of acupuncture treatments and still having shoulder pain, I was surprised when Jimmy suggested I return to John Tuggle for a chiro adjustment. After one chiro adjustment, I returned to Jimmy Yen for two more acupuncture treatments. Today, three weeks later, I am shoulder and arm pain-free and have slight discomfort in my little finger - due mostly to arthritis. I have also regained the strength in my hand.

I recommend anyone having bodily pain of any sort to try Jimmy Yen to Achieve Integrative Health. He will relieve your pain, greatly, maybe even cure you completely."

- James W.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park SLE Testimonial"I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus in March 2005 with symptoms ranging from debilitating fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, hives, and different problems with my heart, kidneys, and lungs. I started taking Plaquenil and steroids to help control the Lupus but would still have flare-ups. After starting on methotrexate, a form of chemotherapy, it caused such severe nausea and diarrhea. I was tired of the harmful effects conventional medicine had on my body.

In March 2009, I decided to try acupuncture and after just my first treatment I found amazing results for my joint pain, muscle aches, and a decrease in my fatigue. I started daily Chinese herbs and weekly acupuncture treatments and have been doing this ever since. I am no longer taking harsh forms of medicine to treat my Lupus.

After 11 months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, this has been better than anything I have seen or experienced since being diagnosed with Lupus. I urge anyone who is suffering from anything, great or small, to try Achieve Integrative Health. Seeing and feeling the results Jimmy Yen has given me through acupuncture & Chinese herbs is a blessing after years of struggling with my condition. My health has dramatically improved!"

- Jennifer G.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park TN Testimonial"My family and friends accuse me of working for the chamber of commerce when I talk about Achieve Integrative Health! I had a sudden onset of trigeminal neuralgia last fall - a very painful nerve disorder of the face, unpredictable, and close to disabling. I went to my family physician, whose exact words were, ‘Oh no, not that!’ I was sent to a neurologist for a definitive diagnosis.

Trigeminal Neuralgia was confirmed. Options through the conventional medical community were - narcotics as needed, brain surgery if absolutely necessary to control the pain with possible numbness of half my face. My tongue would be numb and therefore, eating would most likely involve serious tongue biting.

In desperation, I went to Achieve Integrative Health. I was pinning my hopes in relief from disabling pain. Through a series of treatments over several weeks, and now a monthly “tune-up” relief is TOTAL!. No doctor would be able to diagnose trigeminal neuralgia now. There are no symptoms to use for diagnosis."

Update: 2/22/11, has not had a reoccurring episode of trigeminal neuralgia.

- Florence S.

Acupuncture & Wellness Cedar Park Urinary Incontinence Testimonial"A few years ago I went to my family physician for help on my urinary incontinence. Even though it was in its early stages, nothing seemed to help. If I laughed, saw or heard the water running, etc I’d waited too long and would have an accident. I was using pads to help and always carried extra underwear and a roll of paper towel. I had already long since given up medications that weren’t helping me. Why spend money on something that didn’t work?

My grand-daughter brought me a coupon from the paper to get treatments from an acupuncturist, namely Dr. Yen. I took the coupon (which gave me a nice discount). I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I could see a difference even after the 2nd & 3rd treatments. Today I am able to hold my urine and have not had any accidents since starting acupuncture with Dr. Yen. My sister & I are very close, so when she heard of my success with acupuncture she too joined me.

My daughter is also a patient of Dr. Yen. It was hard for me to believe that the acupuncture needles wouldn’t hurt, but it doesn’t. Comparing the rising costs of just an office visit with your family doctor and the cost of medications, treatments with Dr. Yen are cheaper and more effective."

- Jo P.

"I was experiencing symptoms of early menopause. I was feeling fatigued, foggy mind, weight gain, acne, increased facial hair & moodiness. A saliva test showed that my testosterone + DHEA was elevated. My progesterone was very low & my cortisol was also elevated. My gynecologist was unconcerned and state that most women my age (38) feel the way I was feeling.

She suggested a 6-month course of oral contraceptives, which I declined. I decided to make use of the free initial consultation with Jimmy Yen & discussed my symptoms with him. I started with a course of 12 acupuncture treatments and herbal teas. I immediately felt less stressed, calmer & more focused. As the weeks progressed, my weight decreased & my moodiness diminished (which was amazing as I had my in-laws visiting for 10 weeks).

I now go to acupuncture once every 2 weeks and feel the experience is one I want to share. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone experiencing hormonal imbalances; in fact, any ongoing symptoms they have not been treated successfully by conventional treatments. He has been great and in the future, I will definitely seek out his advice, before seeking conventional treatment for both myself & my family."

- N. B.


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